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Welcome to Leavitt Ranch!

Hello and welcome to the Leavitt Ranch blog! We are so excited to finally have our website and blog up! Here on the blog, I'll be sharing lots of information about beef, cattle, cooking tips, recipes, what we've got going on around the ranch, projects we're working on in the kitchen, and on the ranch, and so much more!

Who are the Leavitts?

The Leavitt family consists of head Ranchers Kent and wife Sheri Kaye, with help from their seven children along with their spouses, ranging in ages from 50-27 and 29 grandchildren (ages newborn-25). The ranch wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Grandma Peggy and the late Grandpa Leon, who spent their lives running beef cows, farming, and milking Jersey cows.

Pictured: Kent and Sheri, with six of their seven kids.

Pictured: Grandma Peggy

Pictured: Most of the Leavitt family, minus one family who couldn't be here this day

L2 Ranch is located in Oakley, UT, at the base of the Uinta mountains. Oakley has a rich farming background dating back to the early 1900s. It was then that the L2 brand was government-appointed to the first generation of our family’s cattle ranch. Nearly 100 years and six generations later, the backbone of the operation remains the same. The cows are wintered under the windbreak benches of Oakley near the Weber River and graze the national forest up Weber Canyon in the summer on the same grazing permit L2 cattle roamed in the beginning.

Why do we care?

Ranching isn’t just a way of life for us, it runs in our blood. We care so much about the sustainability of our land and realize that it is a finite material that needs to be taken care of properly. The land needs to be fed if we want it to feed us back. We want it to still be around and thriving when it’s our children's and our grandchildren’s turn to run the ranch, as it was for us when it was our turn. We thank our past generations daily for the blessing of thriving land and the rich soil ecosystem they left us. We believe that if we mimic their organic and natural practices, our farm and ranch will continue to thrive, as it has done so for over a century. It gives back to us what we put into it.

We choose to raise 100% grass-fed cattle because we value our family’s health.

We realize that in order to feel good and stay healthy, we need to feed our bodies high-quality nutritious foods. Grass-fed beef is one of the best things we can feed ourselves. Another reason we chose to raise grass-fed beef is that it is an environmentally responsible and a sustainable way to farm.

Raising true grass-fed beef is all about the circle of life. Our cows feed the soil microbiome through their fermentative digestion process then defecate onto the ground which acts as a fertilizer, resulting in prime conditions for grass to grow that then feeds the cows, which then feeds us. The cycle continually forms.

We’re proud of what we do and we’re confident in our product. We provide our customers with the same high-quality meat that we feed our families. Trust the meat you eat.

Thanks for taking the time to visit our website, and blog, we hope you will follow along with us on our journey to sustainable ranching.


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