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Established in 1927

"We have bought a beef box from L2. It is the best quality beef we've eaten. We will continue to more."

"My husband and I are new to the grass-fed beef game and feel so lucky to have access to the quality of beef L2 ranch provides. It has undoubtedly elevated our beef recipes, and a huge bonus is that our kids love it too! (Couldn’t fit review in the box!)"

"It is honestly the BEST BEEF we have eaten! The quality and taste of your beef has quickly become our new favorite. Plus, your customer service is top notch! We are small business owners and I love buying from other family run businesses."

“Absolutely love your beef. So fresh and natural and customer service is top notch.”

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“L2 ranch has been raising cattle and kids on the same land for 6 generations.  We combine fresh mountain air, clean water, and hard work to bring you good tasting, healthy beef, and create lots of memories for our family.”


-Sheri Kaye Leavitt 

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Our mission is to optimize health to our consumers and cattle by raising hormone and antibiotic-free, 100% Grass-Fed beef. By summer our cattle graze the green lush slopes and valleys of the Uinta Mountains, and by winter they eat a balanced diet of grass and alfalfa hay that we spend the summer farming ourselves. We provide our customers with the same meat we feed our kids. 


"In a world of unsafe food, people’s fears about food safety and quality outweigh any sociological considerations they may have about agriculture. We want to assure our customers they are getting safe, high quality, healthy beef. With a good taste, pesticide-free food, healthy, high-protein diet, no growth hormones, antibiotics or animal by-product rations, safe food with no danger of E.Coli or BSE, lean meat, animal welfare, cost saving through prices that are lower than the store, convenience, desire to support producers and eat locally raised foods."

- Jerry Jost

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In the summer and fall seasons our cows graze in the mountainous ranges of the Uinta mountains...

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